01.24.17 7:00PM @ - Lied Center Main Stage

“Pandemic: From Cholera to Ebola and Beyond”

Scientists agree that a pathogen is likely to cause a global pandemic in the near future. But which one? And how? Drawing on her own meticulous research, Sonia Shah will explore these questions by way of the tragic tale of cholera, one of history’s most disruptive and deadly pathogens. She will then turn her attention to the new pathogens that stalk humankind today, from Ebola and avian influenza to drug-resistant superbugs.

This event was originally scheduled for November 9, 2016. All original tickets are still valid and will be accepted.


Borders. These inky, winding lines divide our globe into 196 countries on seven continents, yet these somewhat arbitrary boundaries no longer bear the significance they once did. Each day millions of people cross borders to conduct business or seek adventure. Immigrants and refugees flood across borders in search of financial security and personal safety. Infectious diseases traverse borders, sneaky infiltrators that pay no heed to rules and regulations. Even the seemingly hard and fast lines defining American politics have blurred in the 2016 presidential election. The 2016-2017 E.N. Thompson Forum on World Issues, “Crossing Borders,” will explore the relevance of borders in our modern world—both how they define us and, increasingly, the ways in which we ignore them in the interest of commerce, education and personal freedom.

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