Chinese Warriors of Peking

Chinese Warriors of Peking

Packed with high-intensity martial arts and breathtaking acrobatics, this production tells the tale of rival martial arts disciplines competing in the ancient Chinese capital of Peking during the Ming Dynasty. The Chinese Warriors of Peking have toured with Cirque du Soleil throughout the world and presented incredible theatrical experiences filled with juggling, aerials and live stage combat.

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Lied Center Main Stage

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Man in grey costume performing Martial Arts with a Rattan stick

A Month-Long Chinese Martial Arts Celebration

The Lied Center for Performing Arts is hosting a month-long celebration of Chinese Martial Arts during the month of October. Come celebrate the rich history of Chinese Martial Arts with our exciting events that include films, lectures, master classes, workshops and performances. Learn more about these events here.

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Upcoming Events

Man with glasses in a black tux, gingham button down and black tie holding red, blue and yellow vibraphone mallets in front of a light grey background.

“A jazz legend for the next generation.”

October 18, 2019
White Phantom of the Opera mask in front of a red and gold fabric background. The Phantom of the Opera - The Spectacular New Production is written by the mask in gold.

The Spectacular New Production

October 23-November 3
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November 6-17, 2019