PK-12 Students & Teachers

PK-12 Students & Teachers

At the Lied Center we believe in the transformative power of the arts. For that reason, the Lied provides several opportunities to enhance students’ passion for the arts or to introduce the arts into their lives. From in-school programs and student matinees to volunteer and internship possibilities and more, we have the perfect program for students of all ages. We also support the continued developement of our community's educators through professional development programs for teachers and administrators. Bring your students closer to the arts.

Student Matinees

Special performances of world-class artists bring young people and educators (Pre-K-12th grades) together from across Nebraska to share an unforgettable experience. Presenting all genres of performing arts – theater, music and dance – the Lied’s student matinee performances enhance classroom learning, expand cultural awareness and inspire young people and their teachers through exposure to the arts.

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Immersion Projects

Partnering with Lincoln-area schools and community organizations, the Lied Center works to support special projects that bridge Lied Center performances with Pre-K through 12th grade school improvement goals, student learning and teachers’ curriculum needs. Below is a program description for our immersion projects for all grade levels.

The program is designed to meet curriculum goals of the school and the community involved. The Lied and its partners extend learning beyond "performance," into a meaningful and transformational experience for all students and teachers involved.

For more information contact Nancy Engen-Wedin by phone 402.472.4707 or by email


This program targets Head Start students and their families enrolled in three area programs – The Children’s Place, Lincoln Public School’s EXCITE program, and Community Action Partnership Head Start program. Performing artists visit the schools involved, then the young people and their families attend the performance – for many it is their first time at the Lied Center!


Shape of a Girl, Ugly Duckling, Locomotion and Ragamala’s Sacred Earth Supported by Woods Charitable Fund, Lincoln Community Foundation and the Lincoln Arts Council, this program supports K-12 educational activities taking place in area schools, as well as teacher workshops and in-classroom residencies.


FAB Four and Spring Break Camp - The Lied Center continues to partner with Lincoln Public Schools’ Community Learning Center programs to provide middle school students with an opportunity to participate in a Science of Sound spring break camp, featuring Kennedy Center teaching artist John Bertles. Supported by Time Warner Cable’s Connect A Million Minds program, students create instruments using their scientific knowledge, participate in a Science of Sound band, study Beatles’ music and perform for family members. All attend the FAB Four performance at the Lied Center, as a culminating event.


The partnership began as a Time Warner Cable and VIP partnership in 2001 and has continued to this day.

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Teaching Artists

Teaching Artists

  • Liz Shea-McCoy
    Teaching Artist
    Liz Shea-McCoy
    Teaching Artist
    Phone: 402.435.3140

    Liz Shea-McCoy is a nationally recognized artist, with recent emphasis on collage, printmaking and assemblage techniques. She has been involved in many local public art projects ranging from Tour de Lincoln in 2003 to Artistic Rain Barrels in 2009. With over 18 years with the Nebraska Arts Council, Shea-McCoy has taught and facilitated a variety of creative learning experiences for students of all ages and settings. She has a Master’s degree in Textile Design and holds a Nebraska Teaching Certificate.

    Shea-McCoy uses her extensive teaching artist’s background to encourage students to use their imaginations and to think more abstractly, such as creating their own one-of-a-kind symbol that reflects their individuality. By looking at primitive and contemporary symbols, she hopes to engage all students to reflect on themselves or their environment, and create their own piece of nonverbal communication. Liz is also an enthusiastic advocate of schools carrying out their own public art projects. As a result, she can assist teachers and students in coordinating their own mini public art project, either as a fundraiser for the school or community needs, and/or artistic/aesthetic learning. Shea-McCoy has partnered with Oscar Rios to create an interdisciplinary arts experience for students and teachers entitle Symbols and Sounds.

    For more information about Liz Shea-McCoy, please contact:
    2700 Sheridan Blvd
    Lincoln, NE 68502-4238

    FAX: 402.488.3879

  • Oscar Rios Pohirieth
    Teaching Artist
    Oscar Rios Pohirieth
    Teaching Artist
    Phone: 402.304.5060

    Oscar Rios Pohirieth is a professional musician and has performed throughout Mexico, the United States and Europe. With over 30 years of experience, he specializes in the music of the Andes. Pohirieth is also a traveling and teaching artist through the Nebraska Arts and Humanities Council.

    Pohirieth helps students learn unique instruments that they have often never seen or heard before. He analyzes the history, development and playing techniques of various Native Andean instruments such as the Zampoñas (Andean Pan Pipes), the Quena (a recorder-like flute) and the Bombo (drum from African influence) to name a few. Through this process, Pohirieth hopes to create curiosity, cooperation and collaboration for exploring new music and culture.

    For more information about Oscar Rios Pohirieth, please contact:
    6031 Sunrise Road
    Lincoln, NE 68510

  • Renee Sans Souci
    Teaching Artist
    Renee Sans Souci
    Teaching Artist
    Phone: 402.922.3059

    Renee Sans Souci, of the Omaha Tribe of Nebraska and Iowa, is a poet and educator. She has given spoken word performances in Nebraska, Minnesota and in Washington, D.C. at the Kennedy Center Partners in Education Annual Meeting. She is also designing a language survival school based on Native philosophy and worldviews.

    With a degree in education, and being a Native woman, she combines her experiences and creates a process that helps students engage in their own cultural identities. By introducing interrelatedness and interculturalism, she creates an atmosphere for students to honor their own, and other cultural viewpoints through creative writing and spoken word.

    For more information about Renee Sans Souci, please contact:
    P.O. Box 126
    Macy, NE 68039

  • Sarah Brown
    Teaching Artist
    Sarah Brown
    Teaching Artist
    Phone: 402.525.7238

    Sarah Brown is a professional ballet dancer, adjunct professor and owner of a local private dance studio in Lincoln, NE. She performed as a company member with the Omaha Theater Ballet in 1999. Before acquiring the Conservatory of Contemporary Dance, she taught ballet technique and dance history at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln.

    Brown uses her dance performances to bring new experiences to young students. She explores dance as a form of communication of emotion and ideas, as art and entertainment, as a form of storytelling and as an integral and unique element of culture. Through the universal tool of dance, Brown connects students from all geographical, educational and socio-economical situations.

    For more information about Sarah Brown, please contact:
    5810 Kipling Ct.
    Lincoln, NE 68516

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Kennedy Center Partners in Education

The Partners in Education program of the John F. Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts is designed to assist arts and cultural organizations throughout the nation to develop and/or expand educational partnerships with their local school systems. The purpose of the partnerships is the establishment or expansion of professional development programs in the arts for all teachers.

The program, established in 1991, is based on the concept that educating teachers is an essential component of any effort designed to increase the artistic literacy of young people. The Kennedy Center’s experience with professional development programs for teachers is the basis for this national initiative. Partnership teams consist of an arts organization and an administrator of the cooperating school system. The team participates in an institute that provides models and strategies for professional development programs in the arts for all teachers, follow-up consultation and annual meetings to assist teams in their continued development. The Lied Center is one of 99 U.S. Partnership teams that are located in 46 out of 50 states. 

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