Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

You've got questions and we've got answers. Let us help you prepare for your visit and make your Lied experience one to remember.

General FAQ

What is the Lied Center for Performing Arts?

The Lied Center is an arts presenter, bringing professional Broadway productions, musicians, dance companies, theater companies, orchestras and more from all over the world to perform here in Lincoln, Nebraska. While the Lied Center is affiliated with the University of Nebraska-Lincoln and located on UNL's city campus, the organization is self-sufficient through donations, grants, and ticket sales. The Lied Center is also a separate entity from the UNL School of Music, and the Johnny Carson School of Theater and Film, though sometimes their productions are held in our facility and our ticket office often sells tickets to their performances.

Where does the name Lied come from?

Ernst Lied (pronounced “lead”), a 1927 graduate of UNL, went on to make a fortune in the Las Vegas real estate market. His charitable foundation, under the leadership of Christina Hixson, helped fund the building of the Lied Center and its performance fund. The Lied Foundation has also provided funding for UNL's Hixson-Lied College of Fine and Performing Arts, as well as the Lied Transplant Center at the University of Nebraska Medical Center. Somewhat confusingly, there is also a Lied Center of Kansas, a performing arts venue at the University of Kansas in Lawrence.

Does the Lied Center ever rent or sell my personal information?

The Lied Center for Performing Arts takes the privacy of our customers very seriously. Our primary use of customer information is to communicate about upcoming events and notify customers about any time-sensitive event changes or cancellations. We never rent, sell or trade phone numbers, mailing addresses or e-mail addresses. Occasionally, the Lied will pass on discounts and values offered to our patrons by partner organizations. When sending out notices for non-Lied season events, personal data is kept confidential and private within the Lied Center and its marketing contractors. If you do not wish to receive such mailings, please let us know by sending us an email at or by calling us at 402-472-4700.

Does my child need a ticket?

Yes, all children, regardless of age, are required to have a ticket. Youth tickets are half the price of adult tickets.

Is there valet parking available?

Public valet parking is not currently available.

What are your ticket policies?

In an effort to encourage patrons who are feeling ill or have been exposed to someone who is ill to stay home, the Lied is currently making all tickets fully refundable, right up until show time. We want to allow patrons to be responsible about their health and the health of others, without worrying about their tickets.

All sales are final. UNL student tickets require current UNL ID. Artists, prices, dates & times subject to change without notice. Use of cameras, cell phones, recording & electronic devices by patrons is prohibited during the performance except as authorized by the presenting company. Tickets obtained from unapproved sources are invalid. Sale of tickets by other than Lied Center is prohibited on premises. Tickets may not be resold at a premium. Management reserves the right to refuse or revoke admission at any time. Holder assumes all risk and danger incidental to the event and environment, and agrees not to bring any legal action in connection with such risk assumed. No outside food or drink. All bags may be subject to inspection by security staff. Your presence at the performance constitutes your consent to be photographed and/or recorded for the promotional use of Lied Center. The Lied Center is not responsible for lost or stolen items. Use of a Lied Center ticket confirms your agreement to these terms.

Tickets cannot be returned, refunded, or used for an alternative performance. Double-check the accuracy the event, day, date, and time of your performance at time of purchase. If you are unable to attend your ticketed performance of a Lied Center event, you are welcome to transfer your tickets to friends or family by giving them your physical tickets or electronically using the Lied Center app. Most tickets for Lied Season events can be exchanged ticket-for-ticket to another event in the current Lied Season up to 48 hours prior to the scheduled show time, subject to availability and price difference. Differences in ticket value must be paid in full at the time of exchange or may be applied as an account credit for future Lied Center ticket orders. Please note that rental events taking place at Lied Center are not eligible for ticket exchanges.

For any questions about these or other options, please contact the Lied Ticket Office at (402) 472-4747 during business hours of 11:00 AM – 3:00 PM Tuesday-Friday. Or click “Contact Us” at the top of this page to send an email.

Does the Lied Center offer Gift Certificates?

Yes! Lied Center gift certificates are available for purchase in any amount and can be used for any Lied Center event. They never lose value or expire, so Lied Center gift certificates are a great way to support the arts during this difficult time. Whether for yourself or as a thoughtful gift for the performing arts lover in your life, Lied Center gift certificates provide the promise of wonderful performing arts experiences to look forward to!  For more details or to order, click here.

First Timer's Guide

What should I wear to a performance at the Lied Center?

The Lied Center has no formal dress code. Although some patrons prefer to dress more formally, jeans and tennis shoes are perfectly acceptable. When in doubt, business casual is always appropriate.

What is Will Call and Where do I find it?

A specific place, usually the ticket office, from where a patron can pick up tickets that have been ordered and paid for in advance. Unless we are expecting a large amount of "will call" patrons, we do not designate a specific window for this purpose and any ticket office personnel can help you. For performances not in the Lied Center, "will call" stations will be at that venue.

When should I arrive? How will I know where to go once I arrive?

At most performances, the lobby doors will be open one hour before the performance, and the auditorium doors will open 30 minutes before the show. Ushers will direct you to your seat and are happy to answer any questions you may have about locations of restrooms, etc.

What happens if I arrive late?

If you arrive late, ushers will seat you at the earliest appropriate time during the performance, usually at the end of a piece. The Lied Center does have observation rooms at the back of the hall where you may see and hear the performance before the next appropriate seating time.

What if I have to leave the performance early?

If you need to leave the performance early, we ask that you leave at a point in the performance when moving around would be of minimal disturbance to those around you, such as during the applause at the end of a song. 

How long is a typical performance?

Most performances currently run about 90 minutes, with no intermission. Events in our Family Series are typically one hour in length, with no intermission. If you would like to know the length of a particular performance, please call the Lied Center Ticket Office at 402-472-4747.

Why is there an intermission, and what should I do during the intermission?

Most Lied Center shows are currently being performed without an intermission.

What is an encore? Do I have to stay for the encore?

An encore is an additional performance of a musical piece at the end of the regular concert and is requested by the audience by extended clapping or a standing ovation. It is fine to leave before the encore, but please do so before the encore begins (while the audience is still clapping).

When should I clap?

Many classical works have three or more movements or sections with short pauses between them. It has become customary over time not to clap during these short pauses but to wait until the entire piece is over. During jazz performances however, the audience will often clap after an artist has completed an impressive solo - even though the piece is still going on. When in doubt, just follow the crowd!

Can I bring my cell phone? Can I take pictures or video?

We ask that you turn off or silence all noise-making electronics, including cell phones, because the noise they make and even the glow of the screen can be disruptive to other patrons. Due to copyright restrictions on the artists' work, taking pictures and video is prohibited at all performances. If you need to receive an emergency message while attending a Lied event, please have the messenger contact you via emergency number, 402-472-7731. If you are anticipating a possible emergency call, please leave your name and seat number at the Lied coat check.

Can I eat or drink in the concert hall? Are there refreshments available for purchase?

Concessions are not currently available for Lied Center events. If necessary, patrons may bring in a sealed plastic bottle of water. Glass bottles are not permitted.

What if a person sitting near me is distracting during the performance? Can I change my seat?

If a situation arises that is limiting your ability to enjoy the performance and you need to change seats, please notify one of the ushers. They will do their best to accommodate you.

What is a pre-performance talk?

Pre-performance talks are currently being delivered virtually. The can be found on each show's event page on the Lied Center website, and will also be emailed to ticket holders before the show.

The Lied Center invites a member of the company or an expert from the community to give background and context to the performance. Many patrons report that hearing the pre-performance talk enhanced their enjoyment of the show. 

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Can I hold an event at the Lied?

The Lied Center has many versatile facilities that are available for rental. Each year we host a variety conferences, private performances, weddings, and other special events.

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