Summer Camps

Summer Camps

Lied Center Piano Academy:

Are you a high school student with a passion and talent for piano? Then apply to participate in the Lied Center Piano Academy. You'll take lessons from nationally renowned pianists and faculty from the University of Nebraska--Lincoln. Stay in the dorms to get a taste of college life, and explore what life is like as a professional musician. Dates TBA.

Science of Sound:

The Science of Sound Spring Break Camp helps underserved students, grades 5-9, discover the possibilities of STEAM – science, technology, engineering, arts and math – while also improving their creative and problem solving skills. During the three-day camp, students experience music first-hand, through a curriculum steeped in
science. Plastic buckets become drums and garden hoses become French Horns. Kennedy Center teaching artist/educator, John Bertles, serves as the primary instructor. Using a hands-on approach, Bertles demonstrates how vibrations in the air create sound waves, and how those waves travel through the air to bring music to the ear. Students experiment with controlling the amount of vibrations based on their instrument designs, a process that encourages problem exploration from every angle. Utilizing their new understanding, students create different types of musical instruments using recycled materials and trash. The brass, wind, percussion and stringed instruments created replicate sounds similar to instruments found in any music store. Dates TBA.

Lied Center Triple Threat Workshop:

A new Lied Center program, we are excited to announce the creation of the Lied Center Triple Threat Workshop! This is a three-day intensive workshop for advanced students interested in a career in musical theatre. Musicians, dancers, and theatre artists with real Broadway experience will lead classes to strengthen skills in music, dance, and theatre. Dates will be announced in February.