Public Programs

Public Programs


Multiple Perspectives on First Amendment Rights in Higher Education

The Lied Center for Performing Arts is proud to offer a constellation of events exploring the first amendment and its complex relationship with institutions of higher education. Offered in partnership with the E.N. Thompson Forum on World Issues and Angels Theater Company, and featuring collaborations with ASUN and the Center for Civic Engagement, these events will dive into this vital issue by featuring an array of perspectives and approaches. Programs include a panel discussion, a lecture, and a play.


PANEL | “Dignity, Safety, & Free Speech: A Conversation about Freedom of Expression on College Campuses & Beyond.”
Wednesday, October 17th, 6:00pm
UNL Student Union Auditorium

Join us for a panel of UNL students, staff, and faculty as we ask an essential question: “How do we create a safe, dignified, civil learning environment that is consistent with the tenets of free speech?” This panel was created in collaboration with ASUN, the UNL Center for Civic Engagement, and Angels Theater Company. This event is planned in conjunction with the Lied Center season performance: Sedition. (See information below)


THEATER |  Sedition
October 25-28th (various times)
Johnny Carson Theater, Lied Center for Performing Arts
Tickets Required

Through the medium of theater, audience members will travel back to World War I on the University of Nebraska—Lincoln campus, when suddenly professors who disagree with the Wilson administration are charged with sedition by the Nebraska State Council of Defense. Playwright David Wiltse’s grandfather, Andrew Schrag, is among those charged. Should he be fired? Sedition examines the moral right to take a stand in a climate where dissent is considered treason. Post-show conversations will explore similarities and differences between 1917 and our current moment on the University of Nebraska—Lincoln campus.

Tickets for this event are available online at, on the phone at 402-472-4747, or in person at the Lied Center Ticket Office located at 301 N. 12th Street.


LECTURE | “Hate: Why We Should Resist it with Free Speech, Not Censorship”
By Nadine Strossen
E.N. Thompson Forum on World Issues
Wednesday, November 7th at 7:00pm
Lied Center for Performing Arts
Free (tickets required)

Nadine Strossen is a professor at NYU Law School and is the former president of the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU). In the second event for the E.N. Thompson Forum on World Issues, Strossen will explore how speech is protected under the constitution and how free speech can be used to counter hate speech.

Tickets to this E.N. Thompson Forum event can be reserved at after August 30th. This event is live-streamed by NET and archived at

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