Exclusive Deals for Students

Exclusive Deals for Students

The Lied Center provides radical access to world class artists for University of Nebraska students through the Arts for All program. As a student, you can get free tickets to nearly half of the Lied Center’s season events. And for the remaining shows, tickets are half off. No other university offers this type of access to its students.

Reserve your free tickets on UNL Marketplace or visit the Lied Center box office. You will need your NUID.

Are you a University of Nebraska instructor looking for an innovative way to introduce course content to your students? Consider bringing your class to a Lied Center Arts for All performnace. We've created a resource for you to use to deepen the connection between your class and our stage. To reserve tickets for your class, email erin.poor@unl.edu with a list of the students and their NUIDs that you would like to attend. Instructors will be given a complimentary ticket to accompany their students. We hope to see you at a show. 


Q: How many tickets can I reserve?
A: Just one. A student who pays Fund A fees is eligible to receive one free student ticket while supplies last.

Q: What if I want to sit with my friends?
A: You should! You can reserve your tickets separately online or in person, just make sure to pick up your tickets together at the Lied Center box office.

Q: What if all of the shows on Market Place say “Sold Out”?
A: Don’t despair! Even if all Arts for All tickets were reserved ahead of time, many tickets go unclaimed. Visit the box office at 7pm on the night of the Arts for All show you want to see, and you may get pleasantly surprised.

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