The Awesome 80's Prom

The Awesome 80's Prom

Step back in time and relive the raddest era with THE AWESOME 80’S PROM! This interactive and totally tubular show invites you to don your leg warmers and tease up your hair for a blast from the past! Set in the fictional Wanaget High School, the production unfolds as a hilarious and nostalgic prom night filled with classic 80s hits, iconic dance moves, and interactive storylines that allow you to be part of the action!

"[...] the real appeal of this pleasingly nostalgic night out is that it will allow some members of the Atari generation to experience something once thought impossible - enjoying the high school prom." - The New York Times

Rococo Theatre

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Two men facing away from the camera on a stage with blue lights shining onto the stage. Text at the bottom of the stage reads "The Simon & Garfunkel Story"
April 23, 2024 | 7:30PM
Show of house with many birds flying in the sky above the house
April 25-28, 2024
Person in auburn hair wearing a red chevron dress in front of a green background
April 30-May 5, 2024