MOSAIC Film Festival

MOSAIC Film Festival

Update: This event is now virtual-only, with no option to attend in person. Both evenings of the MOSAIC Film Festival will be available to watch for free at, on the Lied Center Facebook page, on LNK TV, and via the Lied Center’s new Roku app. 

MOSAIC Film Festival to feature Chief Standing Bear’s Journey to Statuary Hall (co-directed by Ingrid Holmquist and Judi gaiashkibos) and Guanajuato Norte (co-directed by Ingrid Holmquist and Sana A. Malik).


The Lied Center’s MOSAIC series strives to present work that is idea-driven, curiosity-fueled, and radically inclusive and the new MOSAIC Film Festival features two films that embody those ideals.

MOSAIC Circle Donors
Priscilla C. Grew
Dr. Colleen Jones
Rhonda Seacrest
Art and Chris Zygielbaum

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Chief Standing Bear: A Journey to Statuary Hall

This documentary recounts the true story of Ponca Chief Standing Bear and his trailblazing human rights court case in 1879 leading to his designation as a Nebraska hero with his statue dedicated and installed in Statuary Hall in 2019.

A panel discussion will follow the movie. Panelists include: 

  • Sen. Tom Brewer - Statuary Hall Selection Committee Chair 
  • Judi gaiashkibos - Nebraska Commission on Indian Affairs Executive Director
  • Ingrid Holmquist - Standing Bear Filmmaker
  • Benjamin Victor - Standing Bear Sculptor
  • Larry Wright Jr. - Ponca Tribe of Nebraska Chairman 
  • Dr. Patrice McMahon - Director, Honors Program, Professor, Political Science, Dean's Professor of Teaching and Learning, College of Arts & Sciences


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Guanajuato Norte

Migrant farmworker Winny Contreras contends with being away from his family to help support their dreams and build a new life for them in their hometown in Guanajuato, Mexico. A film by Ingrid Holmquist & Sana A. Malik.

A panel discussion will follow the movie. Panelists include: 

  • Dr. Lazaro Arturo Spindola - Nebraska Latino American Commission Executive Director
  • Ingrid Holmquist - Guanajuato Norte Filmmaker
  • Sen. Tony Vargas - Nebraska State Senator for District 7
  • Schuyler Geery-Zink - Nebraska Appleseed Immigrants and Communities Program Staff Attorney
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