OmniArts: Earth Sky Tomes

OmniArts: Earth Sky Tomes

Inspired by the life and work of Anne Burkholder, and based on personal conversations, EARTH SKY TOMES is an original OmniArts production that employs original music, dance, and storytelling and invites us to see the beauty of our own state, with wonder and amazement.

Carson Theater

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Man with glasses in a black tux, gingham button down and black tie holding red, blue and yellow vibraphone mallets in front of a light grey background.

“A jazz legend for the next generation.”

October 18, 2019
White Phantom of the Opera mask in front of a red and gold fabric background. The Phantom of the Opera - The Spectacular New Production is written by the mask in gold.

The Spectacular New Production

October 23-November 3
Black and white side profile of a woman with a glass statue in front of her in front of a black and white background.
November 6-17, 2019