The Paper Ballet Gallery Night

The Paper Ballet Gallery Night

Join us October 14, 2018 at the Lied Center for Performing Arts for a gallery night of The Paper Ballet featuring Nicole Battelle Van Hook's paper art and Ali Marie Photography! 

Enjoy art, hors d’oeuvres, and performance by our paper ballerinas!

An evening you won't want to miss!

NOTE: this is a rental event presented by an outside organization. The Lied Center has limited control over ticketing policies and discounts for rental events.

Lied Center Main Stage

What is The Paper Ballet?

The Paper Ballet is an on-going art project combining dance, paper fashion and photography. In this interpretation the dancer is the canvas and the artist is the storyteller bringing to life famous ballets. The photographer captures the moments forever frozen in time. The medium of paper allows the artist to create a fresh and new visual the audience isn’t accustomed to seeing. The Nebraska landscape acts as a living, breathing, moving stage for the dancer to bring the story to life. “As an artist I am fascinated with the imagination and I loved the idea that within our Nebraska landscape these fairytales could live among us...and we just need to look a little deeper to behold their magic. I feel the paper originally coming from the earth and trees is a natural extension of the storyline. It is as if the trees in the landscape are breathing life into the dancer. Nebraska is often considered a fly-over state and not a hub of the arts, I wanted to showcase our beautiful state, its architecture and its talent through this unique art project.When selecting a photographer for this work I chose Ali, because she and I have a fluid vision for dance and art. Ali’s dance teacher experience helps her communicate with the dancer while storytelling. ”

–Nicole Battelle Van Hook

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