Staged Reading - REBEL GENIUS

Staged Reading - REBEL GENIUS

Join us for a 50 minute long staged reading of REBEL GENIUS, by Matthew Puckett, followed by feedback from our Broadway panel, Scott Frankel and Michael Korie. 

Physics and love collide in REBEL GENIUS as a young, and highly ambitious, Albert Einstein falls madly in love with Mileva Maric and risks everything he has to find the perfect Unified Field Theory. The new musical is an exploration into the heart and mind of a flawed icon and scientific genius. Max Planck, Mileva Maria, FDR and the Atomic Bomb all play a part in the journey and choices of a brilliant human being who is torn between a passionate love for the people in his life and a wild ambition to understand the universe

Directed by Becky Boesen

Musical Direction by Liz Stinman

Free & Open to the Public

Carson Theater

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